Our Generous Supporters include:

Thanks to Nexia for their expert advice and account reporting for the Foundation. They also: organised our Trivia night which was a great success; provide ongoing support in the development of our website; and make regular monetary donations that support several of the Foundation’s projects.
The generous donations of outdoor garden equipment by Briggs & Stratton enables remote Indigenous communities to better care and live in their communities in the remote regions of Australia.


Rob Richmond and Yumaro provide services that improve the lives of those in need of NDIS services in Eruobodalla. Rob has been instrumental in supporting DSBF in sourcing blankets, sheets and other manchester items.


Calleo Indigenous generously donated funds to help the Foundation progress the Cherbourg Sewing Project for the Cherbourg Aboriginal Community. The funds enabled the purchase and transport of two industrial sewing machine.

Greg Carmody and his professional team have provided advice in support of our Sewing Programs in remote Indigenous communities. They have donated fabric rolls as well as the purchase of sewing machines at cost prices.

Thanks to Canberra Containers for their support to the DSBF with container storage and assistance with logistics.

Thanks to Fred Fawkes for supporting the Foundation with various items required in remote Indigenous community projects. Fred is always happy to help source any item requested.

Ontera-Milliken Corporation supplied carpet tiles for use in remote Indigenous communities. In addition, they provided a training program for local indigenous people to install the carpet tiles.

The Supply Chain Management Society is a University of Wollongong faculty club. Dr Tillmann Böhme’s students were tasked with examining transport to remote Indigenous communities within Australia. They provided advice on the methods, time, and cost of various forms of transport.

Thanks to Taubman for the donation of funds to be used for the purchase of paints and painting supplies. These supplies will be used in the renovation of an indigenous community home in Lightning Ridge.

Thanks to Robyn Storer for her generous donation of Coral & Co women’s clothes. The luxury clothes were highly sought after by the indigenous women and they were very thankful for them. They are all looking brighter as a result of the colourful designs.

Thanks to National Mailing & Marketing for their generous donation of storage space. The Foundation would be unable to collect the donation of goods from others without this space to store items for distribution.

The Hanes Group donated several different items from the BONDS brand. These include facemasks, women’s undergarments, and jumpers. They have been distributed to several indigenous communities across NSW.

Women’s clothing donated by the French Connection was gratefully received by indigenous communities in Halls Creek, NT, Lightning Ridge and the South Coast communities in NSW.

The facemasks and hand sanitizer donated by Red Oak Medical were gratefully received by the Cherbourg Indigenous Community.

Thanks to the donation of refurbished desktop computers. These were given to Lightening Ridge child care facility and to assist in their Indigenous Language program.


Thanks to MiGOALS for their donation of diaries. Stationery items are hard to find in remote indigenous communities and are much appreciated.

The donation of guitars was music to our ears and a joy for the budding artist in the indigenous community of Lightning Ridge.

Thanks to Sheridan for the donation of sheets, doonas, bedding covers, dressing gowns, pillows, and other manchester items. These were gratefully received in several remote Indigenous communities.


Superior Care generously donated thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer. These have been distributed to Broome, Halls Creek, and Kununurra in the Kimberly. They have also been sent to Cherbourg and Central Western Aboriginal Group in Qld and Murdi Paaki in Western NSW.

The deodorant thoughtfully provided by Revlon is for distribution to indigenous communities in NSW QLD.

Thanks to Big W for providing a discount on their everyday low prices. This enabled the money donations could go twice as far in purchasing some much-needed items.

Thanks to IKEA for their donation of cushions and pillows. For those aboriginals without a bed, the cushions have provided a welcome place to rest and sleep. They have continued to support the Foundation with donations such as stools, shelving, and tables.

Kirra Services have donated tablets to the foundation. These were highly sought after by those in the indigenous community and gratefully appreciated.

Fussyfeet has generously donated high-quality shoes for kids. The shoes were taken to the local community school and the children fitted with a pair. For some of them, it was their first pair of shoes. There was plenty of excitement among the kids that day.

Thanks to Canberra City Care, a subsidiary of the Life Unlimited Church, for providing some much-needed space to sort and store goods for distribution. They also shared food boxes with the Foundation. These were the best food boxes the aboriginal community had ever received and were much appreciated.

Thanks to the SQC Group for partnering with the Foundation on the design of an indigenous community centre in the heart of Lightning Ridge. The new centre will boast large private and open spaces, both indoors and outdoors, that allow for flexible use of a range of community activities including indigenous art exhibitions, performances, and gatherings. It will also include a commercial kitchen, accessible toilet facilities, and parking spaces.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation donated boxes of beautiful new books for toddlers, kids, and big kids. The books will be distributed and enjoyed by aboriginal kids in remote communities. Thank you ILF.

Thanks to all individuals who have made donations. Items include sewing machines, hand-made facial masks, bicycles, towels, toiletries, toys, games, hand-made teddy bears, hand-knitted scarves/hats, printer, fan, Lego, camera and tripod, blankets, baby items, mobility walkers, shower chairs, toilet grab rail, silkscreens, and Personal Protection Equipment as well as monetary donations and much more. delivering donations. We also thank those who have generously volunteered their time be it sorting goods or Tdelivering donations. Thank you very much.