Giveaway Day in Barcaldine, QLD

Star Hotel Furnishings reach Lightning Ridge


In the wake of flooding and other natural disasters, DSBFoundation has provided support to a few remote communities with after-school projects.  The activities entertain and help lift the spirits of children who have been confined to their community.  The distribution of Lego brick sets in the Walgett and Lightning Ridge communities of New South Wales has brightened the lives of those children involved.

Christmas in Peak Hill 2022

Bikes for Kids

The DSB Foundation in partnership with the Bike Man Kerry donated Bikes to the Lightning Ridge Local Aboriginal Land Council.  In consultation with the CEO Petrina Brown and Board Chair Allan Cobb, a special training session was held for children in maintaining and riding a bike including following road safety rules.  The training course was successfully completed by 20 children who each obtained a new helmet, water bottle, and repair kit.  The most exciting thing was that each child was given a bike to take home after the training.  There were 20 very happy children in Lightning Ridge that day. 

Dr Steve and the Foundation hope to run other bike training sessions and give away more bikes in the 2023 year.

NAIDOC Celebrations in Mogo, NSW

Lawn Business Grows in the Bumberung Aboriginal Corporation

The Dr Steve Burroughs Foundation heard about Bunja’s need for garden equipment, so Dr Steve reached out to Briggs & Stratton, a generous supporter of the Foundation.  They “not only generously supplied the equipment, but they delivered it as well.”  Dean Harriott, Managing Director, Australasia and South East Asia of Briggs & Stratton, and Rob Mellor, Business Development Manager, joined Dr Steve today in the distribution of the equipment to Bunja Smith, Managing Director of the Bumberung Aboriginal Corporation.  The range of garden equipment included an industrial ride-on mower, push mowers, chain saws, whipper snippers, blowers, and Personal Protective Equipment.

Bunja Smith held a traditional welcome to country and a smoking ceremony for the Dr Steve Burroughs Foundation and Briggs & Stratton.  Bunga said the donations “filled my heart with happiness and made it fly like an eagle.”  The equipment meant not only could he train and hire three new young people but the opportunity to work would also enable a sense of pride and self-worth in them.    

The Foundation was established to provide an important bridge between the corporate sector and Australia’s first peoples to enable local development and a sense of pride and achievement.  Dr Steve Burroughs believes “It is people that make a difference to our fellow human beings.   We cannot change things overnight but maybe our efforts will empower someone to feel better about themselves and possibly develop future opportunities to do something different with their lives.” 

Dr Steve Burroughs is passionate about supporting Indigenous Australians and does so without any assistance from the Government.  He set up the Foundation to help bring about positive change.  This donation exemplifies how the Foundation fosters sustainable development and advancement of Australia’s first people.     Dr Steve would also like to thank Rob Richmond for his support in organising the event and making contacts.  Rob is the Cultural Operations Manager for the Foundation.

Garden donations to Bunja Smith, Bumberung Aboriginal Corporation
Bunja Smith on new ride-on mower

Small Machine Training in Lightening Ridge

Petrina Brown, the CEO of the Lightning Ridge Local Aboriginal Land Council (LRLALC) had a vision to engage the indigenous youth of the area and develop their skills through a training program.  This training involved the use and maintenance of small machinery such as that involved in lawn maintenance.  She contacted the Dr Steve Burroughs Foundation (DSBF) and asked for support with the supply of the necessary gardening equipment.  

Dr Burroughs immediately reached out to Briggs & Stratton “who not only generously supplied the equipment, they delivered it as well.”  The range of garden equipment included a ride-on mower, hand mower, chain saw, whipper snipper, and blowers.  The equipment provides a positive contribution towards improving the well-being and skills of the community.    

Donation of gardening tools from Briggs & Stratton by Dr Steve Burroughs
Gardening equipment donations from Briggs & Stratton by Dr Steve Burroughs.
Rob, from Briggs & Stratton, explaining how the operation of the riding mower.
Local David Morgan a Gamilaraay, Yuwaalaraay, Gungarri Man presenting Clapsticks and Coolamon to
thank Dr Steve for supporting Lightning Ridge Aboriginal Community.

Sewing Circle in Lightening Ridge

DSB Foundation enabled the start of a sewing project for the Lightning Ridge Local Aboriginal Land Council (LRLALC) in NSW.   The local community does not have the money to purchase facemasks, so they approached DSBF for a helping hand to provide facemasks.  Purchasing facemasks was not considered to be the answer to the problem.  The DSBF decided to support the community with a sewing project to make masks.  The Foundation managed to source 3 sewing machines donated by a Canberra-based ladies’ sewing circle.  The Foundation provided the materials to make the facemask for the local indigenous community.  Jane Burroughs prepared a training program on the manufacture of facemasks.

The sewing program consists of six indigenous women who live in Lightning Ridge making masks.  They will meet every Saturday at the LRLALC office where the machines are set up.  They will work together, sharing jobs and learning skills, to produce the masks. 

Power Up and Smooth Down in Halls Creek

Solar energy in Halls Creek involves much more than solar panels.  Power smoothing back to the grid is required to keep the power stable. 

The Dr Steve Burroughs Foundation trained local indigenous men to install and test the panels as well as training on how to connect the system.  Safety is always considered.

Click on the picture to find out more about power smoothing and see, firsthand, photos of the work done.

Halls Creek Solar Project

Carpet Goes Walk About in Yakanarra

Thank You video
Thank You Dr Steve video

The installation of carpet tiles provides many health and well-being benefits to the community.  These include reduced noise, better acoustics, a more peaceful environment and reduced risk of slips and falls to name a few.  

Carpet tiles were generously donated by Ontera-Milliken for installation at various locations in Halls Creek and the surrounding area.  Locals were trained in how to lay the tiles. This expanded their skills and also provided them with a future business opportunity to lay the excess carpet tiles within the community.   

Ontera-Milliken donated and installed some of their new Indigenous-designed carpet tile range in the remote Yakanarra community school.   The local community and the school were very appreciative and happy with the results.  Watch the thank you video they sent (attached above) to express this as they “rarely see such dedication and kindness from the outside world toward bettering our school and its facilities.”

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Grooming the Grass Outback in Broom

The Foundation distributed donated outdoor garden equipment and trained locals in its use.  This positive contribution improved the well-being and health of the communities involved.  One small community cleaned up its town and entered the Tidy Town competition for the first time.   A generator is being used to run local camps and a water pump is used for showers.  A mower, blower, whipper snipper, and chainsaw resulted in improved community gardens including around homes and the local school.  A ride-on mower goes a long way to taming the tough grasses of Australia’s northwest.  The training was provided in the use and maintenance of the equipment by a local training company.  This training developed skills within the community and also ensured the correct and continued use of the equipment in support of the community.

Taming the grass outback

Swags/ Sleeping Bags for Kids in the Kimberly

In this project, donated airline blankets and mattresses are turned into portable swags for children in remote communities.  The Foundation envisages the local communities taking ownership of this project by sewing and distributing the swags.  Our vision for the pillowcases is to sew handles on them so they can be used as shopping bags.  This will help to combat the plastic bag pollution problem.  The local artist could also paint indigenous drawings on the bags and sell them to tourists – another small business opportunity.   See our video below on How to Sew Swag.

How to Sew Swag

Beanie Knitting in Halls Creek

Canberra local and interstate knitters have been busy making beanies and scarves for charities.  They have kindly supported the DSB Foundation by donating some of their beanies for distribution to our remote indigenous communities.  Their kind gift has been greatly appreciated by the communities and helped keep the locals warm during the winter.  Our thanks go out to all those who knitted beanies and generously donated them.  The continued support of knitters is always welcome.