Board Members

Dr Steve Burroughs (Director – Board Chair)

Dr Steve Burroughs is a world-renowned expert in the built environment integrating the core tenets of sustainability and resilience. He has been involved in a wide range of Indigenous projects in different communities. He has an array of stakeholders including key contacts in Indigenous communities and organisations, government departments and agencies, universities, building/property groups, and other corporations. As a result of his broad experience, he developed an overarching view of the problems and a deep understanding of Indigenous communities and their context within the prevailing political, socio-cultural, economic, and environmental frameworks. He is passionate and committed to improving and empowering indigenous communities with a view to promoting a sustainable life and resilient future.

Ron Morony (Director)

Ron Morony is an experience board participant with an extensive leadership career in Aboriginal support and development.  He is a Western Arrernte man from Central Australia.  Currently, a consultant and semi-retired, Ron’s focus is on helping his own people and is also seeking ways to assist young Aboriginal people to explore alternatives to some of the dysfunctional activities in which too many young Aboriginal men and women are involved.  Commercial and economic strategies are what he believes will best offer a pathway for Australia’s first people.  The Foundation is a way of demonstrating how the private sector can support sustainable development as opposed to reliance on government welfare and ideas.

Victor Hunter (Director)

Victor Hunter, of Nyikina heritage in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, provides a direct link to a vast network of Indigenous communities across Australia.  He brings expertise in developing culturally appropriate training and employment programs.

Mark O’Shaughnessy  (Director)

As a chartered accountant and partner with Nexia Australia in Canberra, ACT, Mark is dedicated to providing the Foundation with his experience.  He ensures projects remain sustainable and economically viable.  Mark is committed to working with indigenous and non-indigenous people to overcome social disadvantages and promote healthy sustainable practices in the communities.

Chris Garstone (Director)

Chris Garstone is a Bardi Aboriginal man from Kimberley, Western Australia. With some 20 years in the private sector in five Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, Chris is presently employed as the Asset Manager with the Yura Yungi Aboriginal Medical Services in Halls Creek, Western Australia.  Chris uses his knowledge and experience to help develop young and emerging Indigenous leaders and managers in the Kimberley Region.  Chris was recognised as Aboriginal Person of the Year and received the East Kimberley Aboriginal Achievement Award.