Projects that Need Your Support

Portable Aboriginal Communication Environment (PACE)

Access…. Reliability…. Speed

In 2008, the Australian government made a formal commitment to address First Nations disadvantage in Australia, known as “Closing the Gap,” by improving the life outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  The PACE pilot is one step in helping Aboriginals in regions and remote Australia have equal levels of digital inclusion. 


The Foundation is currently seeking to deliver a mobile unit in Lightning Ridge, known as the Portable Aboriginal Communication Environment (PACE).  This will enable Aboriginals in remote areas to gain reliable and fast access to the professionals they need to improve their health and well-being.  It will also be invaluable to improving access to educational institutions as well as other government institutions such as Centrelink, Medicare, or legal representation. 


The PACE pilot will provide the following benefits to the Lightning Ridge Local Aboriginal Community:

• Reliable Information Technology (IT) services

• Portable local IT Infrastructure

• Expand the wi-fi network allowing more access to the surrounding community

• Enable internet connections at speeds like those in urban environments

• Enable Aboriginal communities to keep pace with the latest technology, and

• Health, Social and Economic benefits by:

Providing faster, easy access to health and well-being information

Providing a place to make and keep online appointments with medical specialist and other healthcare practitioner

Providing access to educational institutions

Enabling faster research

Enabling stable connections to social benefits, e.g., Centrelink, Medicare, legal aid

Enabling research into cultural connections to family and country, and

Enabling connections to train and provide employment opportunities

I am seeking your support to help deliver the PACE pilot.  Your donation will go towards the purchase and fit out of the container as well as its transport to Lightning Ridge.  I also ask you please share this request link with your colleagues, friends, or on social media to help spread the word.   The Foundation, in collaboration with Lightning Ridge Local Aboriginal Land Council, plans to host a ceremony to launch the PACE pilot during NAIDOC week celebrations, 3-10 July 2022.


The Dr Steve Burroughs Foundation can only achieve its goals with the assistance of generous donations.  Without donations, the Foundation is unable to promote the advancement of Aboriginal people living in remote regions of Australia.  All donations are tax deductable. 


Thank you in advance for your generosity and upping the PACE.

Training Rehabilitates Indigenous Prisoners (TRIP) Forward 

A significant and far-reaching goal of the Foundation is to help address the ever-increasing number of incarcerated young indigenous people.  This proposed project is based on providing a future pathway to offenders.  It is based on prison-based training in construction skills.  The aim is to provide at-risk young indigenous people with positive life skills.  It is envisaged that this will lead to further opportunities for attaining skills and possible enterprise opportunities.

As a first step, the use of compressed earth blocks is being considered.  Participants will be introduced to the manufacture of building blocks using a Compressed Earth Block (CEB) machine.  Finished blocks will be used in a wide range of construction activities.   Watch an example of how this might work and what can be achieved by clicking on the photo below.

Admiring compressed earth blocks made by indigenous locals.

Solar Flood Lights for Indigenous Kids in Halls Creek

Installing solar powered floodlights in a remote footy oval allows the kids to use the oval at night. This means that the kids can kick their footy in a safer place while reducing the risk of a traffic fatality occurring.  In addition, fewer kids on the street playing mean a safer road for the trucks coming through at night.

Cool Down and Cook – Halls Creek Aged Hostel

Support for the Halls Creek Aged Care hostel is needed.  This support will improve the services provided to the residence.  It will also support the meals on wheels service in the local community.