Solar Flood Lights for Indigenous Kids in Halls Creek

Like most Australians, the Halls Creek kids enjoy their footy.  However, at night, the only light source available to see the football is the main street lamp.  Playing in the street at night is not a particularly safe activity.  It is made even more dangerous by the road trains which roll through the town at night. 

To make matters worse, as a side activity, the kids play ‘chicken’ with the road trains.  They also amuse themselves throwing stones at the trucks.  Once, one of these stones went through the windscreen and caused serious injury to the driver.  As a consequence, the road trains do not slow down at night through the town.  They rumble through the town up to 120 km/hour.  This is indeed a very dangerous situation particularly for the kids kicking the footy in the street.  The local police expect a fatal crash to occur one night.

In order to avoid this, a safer playing location is needed.  The Dr Steve Burroughs Foundation is seeking funds to install solar-powered floodlights in the footy oval.   This means the kids can kick their footy in a safer place at night.  It also reduces the risk of a fatality occurs.  In addition, fewer kids on the street playing at night means a safer road for the trucks.

Your help is needed to support this cause.  Can you help supply the lights, transport, installation services or the money to purchase these things?  Your kindness and generosity will help to change the lives of Indigenous Australians living in remote communities.