Cool Down and Cook – Halls Creek Aged Hostel

Providing care for the aged is a challenge, particularly in the very remote areas of Australia.  The Halls Creek People’s Frail Aged Hostel is a small, independent, not-for-profit aged care facility.  With a 25 bed capacity, it provides residential and respite services to the mainly Indigenous aged and disabled people in the Shire of Halls Creek.  Services include day-to-day activities of daily living and regular outings.  The Dr Steve Burroughs Foundation has been contacted to support the aged care hostel.  They want to improve their services to the residents and their meals on wheels service to the local community.


The aged hostel is currently facing the following problems:

  • The walk-in freezer does not work.  A qualified trade-person examined the walk-in freezer,  He confirmed it has so many gas leak repairs that it is no longer feasible to refurbish. He also described it as an “inefficient compressor.”  In hot climates such as in Halls Creek, life is very difficult without a freezer unit. The cook is unable to order bulk food at reduced prices as he cannot store it without a working freezer.

  • The commercial gas stove does not work. It only heats to one temperature, 30C. Several tradespeople tried to repair the oven unsuccessfully. They do not have the expertise to install a new oven. In addition, there is no qualified local gas plumber to do major repairs such as the fix to the temperature regulator.

  • No commercial urn or commercial mixer is currently available. A standard household jug must be heated several times during each service to make the residents’ tea. Without a commercial mixer, all mixing must be done by hand.  This is a time-consuming process that limits what can be produced.

  • The staff fridge does not work.

Support Needed

Your support is needed to replace the following items to the Halls Creek People’s Frail Aged Hostel:

  • Walk-in freezer condenser unit,
  • Eight (8) burner gas stove with oven,
  • Commercial urn,
  • Commercial mixer, and
  • Small staff refrigerator.

Can you help to directly supply this equipment?  Any donation, no matter how small, will help to purchase these things.  Your kindness and generosity will help to change the lives of Indigenous Australians living in remote communities and improve their well-being.